Fire & Evacuation

A 4597 • Fire Alarm Test Wallplate to suit A 4565 & A 4595

This remote wallplate interfaces with a building fire & evacuation control board to offer simple fire alarm test triggering. Featuring fire test, fire alarm and cancel buttons with protective “flip up” covers.

A 2096 • Firephone Warden Intercom Point (WIP)

Designed specifically for use in emergency warning systems. Warden intercom points (WIPs) are used to communicate between floor wardens and the main emergency evacuation panel.

A 1982B • Alert/Evac 25W (35W Max) Public Address Megaphone

Traditional hand held “megaphone” fitted with an alert/evac tone generator. The required function (alert/evac/megaphone) is selected via a toggle switch and is activated by pressing the trigger.

S 5416 • Indicator & Siren Wallplate

A dual cover wallplate fitted with an S 6114 90dB pulsating siren and an S 4030 24V DC red indicator lamp. Designed to provide a visual and audible alert when 24V DC power is applied.

S 5423 • Low Power Fire & Evacuation Strobe

Low current draw dual red and amber coloured strobe lights for emergency evacuation systems. Housed in a sturdy, white powder-coated steel case, this unit is designed for professional installers of fire and evacuation systems.