Amplifier Accessories

Q 2003 • Digital Audio Impedance Meter

An absolute necessity for all PA system installers. This impedance meter for ‘dummies’ designed and manufactured by Altronics calculates and displays speaker loads in watts.

H 4993 • Half Rack In Fill Panel to Suit H 4990

Allows you to fill in the unused section when only one unit is fitted to the H 4990 19" half rack mounting bracket.

H 4991 • Half Rack Equipment Desk Mounting Bracket

Enables a half rack unit to be mounted beneath a desktop or dash.

H 4990 • Half Rack Equipment Mounting Bracket

Allows the mounting of two “half rack” units into a 19” 1RU space on a rack frame. Depth: 90mm. Note: Product not included.

A 4376 • 19″ Rack Mount Kit For Redback Amplifiers

1 Pair of bolt on rack ears to allow installation of amplifiers into a 19" rack system.

A 2711 • USB/SD Music Player Module For Phase 5 Mixers

Optional Plugin Board to suit the A 4275 and A 4285 mixer amplifiers. It enables integrated playback of MP3 files from USB sticks and SD memory cards. Compact size slots neatly into the front panel.

A 4373 • Digital Volume Board Option for Phase5 Amplifiers

When fitted and used in conjunction with A 2280B wallplate to provide remote volume level adjustment. Ideal for situations where the amplifier is located in a remote rack.

A 4573 • Alert/Evac Tone Generator Module

Optional Plugin Board to suit a range of Redback Amplifiers. It generates pre chime, bell, alert and evacuation tones. The alert tone can function continuously, or switch to evac tone after a preset time delay.

A 2280B • Remote Volume Control Wallplate

A dual cover wall plate with volume control knob. Connects via figure 8 cable to the “remote volume” terminals of the amplifier. Enabling overall volume to be adjusted as required.