A 4597 • Fire Alarm Test Wallplate to suit A 4565 & A 4595

This remote wallplate interfaces with a building fire & evacuation control board to offer simple fire alarm test triggering. Featuring fire test, fire alarm and cancel buttons with protective “flip up” covers.

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Provides the means to remotely operate the Fire Test and Fire Alarm tones of the A 4565 or A 4595. The switches are momentary operation and must be pressed for up to 3 seconds to activate. Protective ‘flip up’ covers prevent accidental operation. Connection is made to the A 4565 or A 4595 via standard Cat5e cabling. Connection is made via Cat5e cable with a maximum range of 300m and up to 4 wall plates can be cascaded together. Note, the Fire Test and Fire tones cannot be triggered by any other means than the A 4597 wall plate.

Two snap-on covers are provided, allowing you to choose a style that suits your installation.


Developed, designed & assembled in Australia.
Since 1976 Redback PA products have been manufactured in Perth, Western Australia by Altronics. With over 40 years experience in the commercial audio industry, we offer consultants, installers and end users reliable products of high build quality with local product support.

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