August 31, 2018

Thanks for seeing us at Integrate 2018

  Thank you from the Redback audio team at Integrate 2018. It was a great pleasure to talk with so many installers and integrators looking for new innovations in the audio industry. We brought new innovative products to the show which were showcased by the team at Rave Publications in the videos below: Redback IP […]

August 13, 2018

Product Update – AS ISO 7240.24 Approvals Ongoing (as at Aug. 2018)

The lengthy approvals process for our range of AS ISO7240.24 fire speakers is ongoing, however several key lines are now available for installation in major building projects.  Below is the full list of approved and pending lines (as at August 2018): Approved  Model Description  Type CF2053B 10W 100V IP66 Black Plastic Fire Horn Speaker* Horn (Environmental [...]
July 4, 2018

See the Redback Audio team @ Integrate 2018 this August.

  Integrate 2018 is coming! This August we will be showcasing new products at the Integrate Audio Visual exhibition at the ICC in Darling Harbour, Sydney. We look forward to catching up with many of our valued customers at the show to chat about new product developments, ideas and trends in public address. New Products […]

May 16, 2018

New Product May 2018: S 6150 MP3 Signalling Horn Speaker

We’ve just put the finishing touches on the new Redback S 6150 signalling horn speaker which will be available to order from late May 2018. We’ve managed to squeeze an internal MP3 player into the rear housing of a standard horn speaker. Messages, tones, music or pre-recording information can be loaded onto a Micro SD […]

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February 7, 2018

Redback Project Profiles

We've launched Redback Projects as part of an effort to showcase some of the best installations around Australia which have involved Redback product. As part of this we've also taken it as an opportunity for our valued installation clients to promote themselves. Whilst its early days for our Project showcase, we've put up a few [...]
August 22, 2017

Visit the Redback Audio stand at Integrate 2017

  Redback & Altronics will be on display at Integrate 2017, August 29-31 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Drop by the stand and pick up a copy of the new Altronics catalogue and see everything we’ve got in development for the coming year. New Products On Show @ Integrate A 6500 Programmable Touchscreen […]

May 11, 2017

School Lockdown Systems Explained

Schools in Australia are now required to have protocols in place for conditions that require the campus to be locked down. These types of events are unique in that they require students and staff to remain within the confines of the school rather than be evacuated. The definition of a lockdown would be a situation [...]
March 20, 2017

Balanced vs Unbalanced Audio – What’s the difference?

  Public address systems typically feature two types of signals, commonly known as balanced and unbalanced. In order to minimise signal path noise and get the right output level for your system its important to choose the right lead for the right job. First lets discuss the types of signals, balanced and unbalanced. Unbalanced Signals […]

March 13, 2017

Programming the Redback Yearly School Timer.

  The A 4510 Yearly School Timer has been designed to keep schools running on time by providing scheduled announcements through the PA system. We have put together a quick guide here to help with setting up a new installation in a school. This is ideal for the installer to use, or as a reference […]

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October 14, 2016

Hearing Loop Systems Explained

What is a hearing induction loop?  An induction loop or otherwise known as a “hearing loop” or “t-loop” assists the hearing impaired by providing sound directly to a hearing aid via an induced magnetic field. This is done by looping copper around the room. Induction loops can be the size of a small meeting room […]

September 16, 2016

Basic Redback Amplifier Troubleshooting

  As installers know, the variables involved in any installation can number in their thousands and any single one of those variables represents a possibility of a fault. Typically these system issues are down to genuine errors, often made in the rush to get the job done for client who doesn’t want to wait. In […]

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