A 4505 • 7 Day Timer With Lockdown & Fire Alarm Control

A weekly timer and Lockdown and Fire Alarm controller all housed in a convenient 1RU rack mount chassis. A total of 50 “event” switching times are available through the timing functions. Each event can be set to turn on any single day of the week or on multiple days, from 1 sec up to 24 hours.

C 5220 • 10″ Outdoor IP65 Rated 150W Subwoofer Speaker

150W passive subwoofer designed for outdoor use in domestic and commercial applications.

A 5138 • Microphone Wallplate to suit A 5135 Microphone Hub

The A 5138 Wall plate has a standard 5 Pin XLR connector for connection of microphones with PTT switches. This connection is ideal for typical supermarket microphones such as Altronics C 0325 or C 0327 as shown below. The low output level of the microphone is converted to a high level output which is fed down the Cat5 cable to the A 5135. The output level can be adjusted by the volume control.

A 5135 • 4 Output Microphone Hub

This model has been designed with small supermarkets in mind. We’ve designed the hub to cater for industry standard supermarket 5 pin XLR microphones which connects to a local wallplate (A 5138) over Cat5/6 cable. This greatly simplifies the install cabling process for multiple microphone systems. Up to four microphones can be connected to one hub with each input configurable to either VOX or PTT muting. Three levels of priority are provided: FIBD, 1 over 2-4, 2 over 3-4, 3 over 4 or mixed options. System busy LED’s are included on each wallplate.

A 6507 • RS485 Serial 100V Line Attenuator

This compact module includes a seven step 100V line speaker attenuator/volume control which can be remotely adjusted via RS 485 serial control. A 24V DC override relay is included for emergency paging applications, ensuring the volume is switched too maximum regardless of the volume setting. Suitable for all 100V line amplifiers.

A 6512 • RS232/485 Single Serial Volume Controller

This compact module is designed to remotely alter the volume of any low level signal source feeding any amplifier or mixer remotely, via RS 232 or RS 485 serial control. It will interface with the Redback A 6500 wallplate or any other 3rd party control system. Requires 24V DC power supply. Includes one input with remote volume adjustment via serial control or volume adjustment via remote wallplate A 2280B.

A 4861 • 200W Subwoofer Amplifier

A high power subwoofer amplifier designed to be paired with the C 1065 ceiling subwoofer or C 5210 floor standing subwoofer in a retail music system application. Can be paired with the A 4860 Bluetooth 2x50W stereo amplifier for a complete full range audio system.

A 4860 • 2 x 50W Stereo Amplifier With Bluetooth Streaming

A compact 2 x 50W Stereo amplifier with Bluetooth suitable for small and medium retail music systems, background music systems. Ideal for use in hospitality - restaurants, cafes. and retail boutiques, fashion outlets etc.

C 1549 • 20W 100V IP65 EWIS Sound Projector Speaker (Black)

This Redback 100V line sound projector is made from strong UV stabilised ABS plastic with a perforated metal grill. It is fitted with a PA transformer with multi-tap selections and is designed for use in 100V line distributed systems. This is the black housing version of Redback C 1520.

C 5210 • Floor Standing 100W Subwoofer 8 Ohm/100V Line

High power 100V line and 8 ohm floor standing subwoofer for use in retail music and foreground music systems.

C 1065 • Ceiling Mount 10″ 240W Subwoofer 4 Ohm/100V

High power 100V line and 4 ohm ceiling subwoofer for use in retail music and foreground music systems.

A 4047 • Phase5 100W 3 Input 100V Public Address Amplifier

A 3 input 100W 100V line output PA amplifier designed for medium sized background audio and paging announcement installations. Compatible with A4573 alert/evac/chime board and remote digital volume control (with A 4373).