A 4505B • 7 Day Timer With Lockdown & Fire Alarm Control

A weekly timer and Lockdown and Fire Alarm controller all housed in a convenient 1RU rack mount chassis. A total of 50 “event” switching times are available through the timing functions. Each event can be set to turn on any single day of the week or on multiple days, from 1 sec up to 24 hours.

A 2069 • Remote Lockdown Wallplate for A 4505

The Redback® A 2069 Remote Plate allows the Redback® A 4505 Lockdown Timer to be controlled remotely. Featuring Lockdown, Fire, Chime and Cancel buttons.

A 4565 • Emergency Alert & Evacuation Controller

This easy to operate fire & evacuation controller is designed around industry standard building emergency alert/evacuate requirements. When connected to a paging system amplifier, building occupants can be alerted and/or evacuated in the event of an emergency eg: fire, gas leak, bomb scare, earthquake.

A 4564 • Paging Console With Alert/Evac/Chime Control

A paging console for making announcements with the addition of alert/evac/chime functions. Ideal for emergency paging requirements to inform building occupants of current conditions.

A 4574 • Emergency Alert & Evacuation Tone Generator

This half rack unit has both Alert and Evacuation tones based on Australian standard. The unit is triggered via standard alert/evac switches on the front of the unit or via remote trigger contacts on the rear.

A 4500B • 50 Event 24 Hour 7 Day Timer With Evac Tone Generator

A versatile timer which has four switched 24V outputs and four closing contacts which activate simultaneously. It permits a total of 50 event switching times.

A 2070B • Tone Generator Alert/Evac With Voiceover Chip

Containing both the alert & evacuation tones based on Australian standard this compact self contained module will integrate with most PA amplifiers. Tones conform to AS1670.4.

A 4595 • Lockdown Warning Evacuation Controller

The A 4595 School Lockdown Controller is primarily aimed at schools which require a lockdown warning facility. The controller has provision for a Pre-Bell and a Period Bell which are activated by the closing contact triggers on the rear of the unit.

A 4596 • Paging Console With Lockdown Control

A paging console for making announcements with the addition of lock down control functions including lock in, lock out, standby and all clear functions. Emergency paging is also catered for.

S 0083 • Latching Relay Module

This latching relay box offers a compact solution to switching high current circuitry on and off using a low current momentary switch. Simply wire your closing contacts into the trigger input, provide 24V DC in via screw terminals and connect your load to the 24V DC out terminals. For indication, terminals are also provided for an LED. Utilises the S 4160C relay (12V coil, 10A rated), see page 350 for specifications. Size: 51W x 70H x 27Dmm (inc. flanges).

A 4471 • 24V Power Fail Monitor Relay

This little black box interfaces with an array of Redback pro audio products and provides switching contacts to activate a flasher or buzzer when 24V DC input fails to the connected device.

A 4576 • 1 Zone Universal Remote Alarm Wallplate

Designed for both 12V and 24V operation, this wallplate will sound a buzzer and illuminate an LED indicator when activated. A cancel button allows buzzer to be switched off, whilst the LED remains on.

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