Test Equipment

Q 2004 • Digital Audio Impedance Meter

The Redback Impedance Meter is an absolute necessity for all PA system installers. An impedance meter is critical for accurately measuring low impedance loudspeaker systems, incorporating multiple speakers and crossovers, and for measuring commercial 70V or 100V line speaker systems. Upgraded model is now USB rechargeable.

Q 2012 • Handheld Current Loop Tester

Essential for setting up and commissioning hearing induction loop amplifier systems. This unit is ideally used in conjunction with the Q 2014 tone generator allowing an installer to test the signal generated in the actual ‘loop’ of the system.

Q 2014 • Handheld Audio Generator

Compact and portable, this handheld battery powered 1KHz tone generator has been designed to test PA systems and in particular hearing loop induction sound systems.