C 2052 • Wurli-Gig Horn Speaker Speed Fixing Bracket

Get faster mounting of horn speakers with the Wurli-Gig installation bracket.


They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. We’re not sure about that but we are certain that this natty ‘speed fixer’ will make mounting the C 2053 horn speaker a breeze! A world first in horn speaker mounting aids. Normal horn speaker installation requires removing the mounting ‘U’ bracket, fixing to the wall, and then reassembling. Very time consuming and labour intensive. Enter the Wurli-gig! Its a simple matter of mounting it to the wall and the horn speaker, with bracket still fitted, snap fits in seconds! The incredible Wurli-Gig speed fixer saves 3-4 minutes per horn installation and this equates to around $10 with todays installer labour rates. Provision for anti-theft screws. Designed in-house by Altronics engineering department and is protected by patent applications worldwide.

There are also other important secondary benefits to consider when choosing the Wurli-Gig horn speaker mount. The mount prevents rust staining on walls by providing a physical barrier between the horn speaker bracket and the wall. It also prevents the powdercoat on the horn speaker bracket from scratching off during installation – the net result being premature rusting.

Key Features

  • Saves time and money. Up to 70% faster than conventional methods of horn speaker installation
  • No need for expensive fixings. Installs with standard green wall plugs and 8G self tappers costing only cents
  • On an installation of 50 horns, the savings on labour and fixings would be around $500 to $600
  • Quick and easy snap fit installation for C 2053 and C 2056 Redback Horn models
  • Luran ‘S’ UV stabilised plastic
  • Prevents rust staining on walls by providing a physical barrier between the mounting bracket and the wall.
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