Project Profile

Optus Stadium

Redback was proud to be a supplier to InterActive Fire Systems for their recent installation of horn and ceiling speakers for background music, paging and evacuation announcements at Optus Stadium.  This installation was a major undertaking, involving many kilometres of cabling and hundreds of speaker drivers to ensure excellent speech clarity throughout the stadiums concourse, facilities and special function rooms.

This installation utilised Redback One-Shot ceiling speakers, the popular weatherproof horn speaker and hundreds of 100V line high power ball speakers.

About Perth Stadium (Optus Stadium)

Perth Stadium and the surrounding Park is located east of the Perth Central Business District, on the Burswood Peninsula. With views of the picturesque Swan River and Perth city in the west and the foothills in the east, this 60,000 seat, world-class, multi-purpose Stadium will host a variety of sports and entertainment events including Australian Football League, International and Big Bash League cricket, soccer, rugby league and union plus concerts.

Installed Products

C 1070 • 35W 100V Line Ball Ceiling Speaker

A compact ball speaker designed for suspension ceiling mount. Suitable for both background music (BGM) or speech/paging applications, this model is ideally suited to places of worship, large format retail stores, public transport precincts etc.

C 2122C • 100mm (4″) 5W 100V Twin Cone EWIS Fastfix Ceiling Speaker

A compact 100mm (4") EWIS compatible fast-fix ceiling speaker. A stylish, high performance speaker & grille combination with a 5W 100V line twin cone PA driver.

C 2169 • 100mm (4″) 5W 100V Black EWIS One-Shot Ceiling Speaker

With over 1.3 million units in service, the C 2168C is probably Australia's most widely used public address speaker. It's popularity is entirely a product of its ingenuity with the One-Shot spring loaded clip installation revolutionising the process of installing loudspeakers.

C 0886 • 6W 100V 130mm Vandal Resistant Ceiling Speaker

A high performance surface mount PA speaker designed for EWIS (fire & evacuation) installations.

C 2048 • 10W 100V EWIS IP66 Plastic Marine Horn Speaker

The REDBACK® 10W plastic horn speaker is designed primarily for distributed paging systems where a high degree of speech articulation and program clarity is paramount.