Wireless Microphone Systems

C 8842A • UHF Wireless Mic System Antenna Booster – BNC

Suits Redback® UHF systems . Connects via RG58 or RG213 low loss 50Ω coaxial cable and provides 9dB of gain allowing antennas to be mounted 10-50m from the receiver.

C 8847 • Log Periodic Dipole UHF Array Paddle Antenna Pair

A wideband 470 to 980MHz frequency antenna pair for improving transmission quality and range. It is ideal for installations using wireless mics, tour guide systems or in ear monitoring over long distances.

C 8841A • Ceiling Mount High Gain UHF Mic System Antenna

Suitable for Redback® radio microphone installations requiring extended operating range ie: supermarkets, shopping malls, function centres etc.

C 8846B • UHF Wireless Microphone System Antenna Divider

Ideal for use with multiple radio microphone systems. This antenna divider eliminates the need for a set of antennas for each system. It utilises a single set of antennas which splits into separate outputs allowing up to four receiver units to operate.

C 8844B • UHF Wireless Microphone System Antenna Splitter / Combiner

The C 8844B could be used to split a reception signal into two outgoing signals (one input to two output) or combine two reception signals into one outgoing signal (two input to one output).

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