S 0088 • DIN Rail Event Counter

An SD card based event counter and recorder. Events are recorded each time the trigger contacts are closed, making it ideal for use with products that have an NO output which turns NC during activation. All event triggers are time/date stamped and logged to the SD card. Includes battery backup. Ideal for counting customers, alarm conditions etc.

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The S 0088 is an SD card based event counter/recorder, housed in a convenient DIN rail housing. Events are recorded each time the trigger contacts are shorted, making it ideal for use with products which have a normally open (N/O) output which changes to a closed output on activation. Security products such as pressure mats, reed switches or PIR’s are well suited for this application.

All power “ON” events are recorded to the supplied Micro SD card in time and date format, providing a record of any power failures. All “Event” triggers are recorded in time and date format to the Micro SD card.

A 24V DC output is provided with a normally closed (N/C) and a normally open (N/O) output. This may be used to run external systems such as a 24V buzzer or light. When this output becomes active, 24V will appear between the N/O contact and the GND contact. When this output is not active 24V will appear between the N/C contact and the GND.

This 24V DC output can be set to activate for every event or set to activate after a set amount of events, up to 10,000 events. The 24V DC output also has an adjustable “ON Time“ delay which can be set between 0 sec and 10,000 milliseconds in 100 millisecond intervals. The unit is powered by 24V DC via the supplied plugpack.

Key Features:

  • • Events triggered by closing contact
  • • Event time and date recorded
  • • Power “ON” time and date recorded
  • • 24V DC switched output
  • • Adjustable output “ON Time” delay
  • • Adjustable ouput “Event count”
  • • Battery Backup (Time only)
  • • Micro SD card supplied
  • • CR2032 backup battery supplied
  • • 24V DC operation
  • • Supplied with 24V DC plugpack
  • • Australian Made


Developed, designed & assembled in Australia.
Since 1976 Redback PA products have been manufactured in Perth, Western Australia by Altronics. With over 40 years experience in the commercial audio industry, we offer consultants, installers and end users reliable products of high build quality with local product support.

Backed by an industry leading 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
Our Redback products have a long tried and tested history of bulletproof reliability. Altronics offers a 10 Year Warranty on all Australian Made Redback products. Our local in-house service department has all the know how to answer technical queries and provide timely service.

Power: 24V DC (via 2.1mm DC jack input or screw terminal)
Outputs: 24V switched output (NC/Com/NO)
Max events: 10,000
Delay: Adjustable 0s to 10s (100ms intervals)

Buttons: Menu, up, down, reset, enter

Dimensions: 90W x 71D x 57H mm
Weight: ≈0.4kg

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