C 1066 • Ceiling Tile Bridge Support For C 1065 Ceiling Subwoofer

High power 100V line and 4 ohm ceiling subwoofer for use in retail music and foreground music systems.

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Designed to be installed with the C1065 subwoofer, this bridge supports the ceiling tile to minimise sag and reduce damage to soft tiles. Fits inside the “T-bars” for maximum support for the tile. Recommended for use with mineral fibre.

Note: Due to the weight of the speaker, we recommend the unit be tethered to the ceiling with a safety chain.



Rated power: 240W @ 4Ω
Power taps: 60, 120, 240W
Max SPL: 112dB
Freq response: 30Hz – 15Khz
Weight: 7.5kg
Dimensions (mm): 367 x 330Dmm
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