S 0080 • 50 Event 4 Output DIN Rail Timer

A DIN rail mounted timing unit with four sets of closing contacts for triggering events on a timed basis. Ideal for programming school classroom periods or workplace break/shift timings.

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A versatile timer which has four switched 24V outputs and four closing contacts which activate simultaneously. It permits a total of 50 event switching times. Each can be set to turn on any single day of the week or on multiple days for up to 24 hours. Switching events programmed for multiple days count as only a single station and each of the 50 event times may be set to any (but not multiple) output. Manual override is provided.

Manual override is provided so that any of the four outputs can be set “ON” or “OFF” manually which overrides any of the event times programmed for that output.

The unit has security lock out of Time Edit, Station Edit and Clear Memory Functions via DIP switch selection located under the lower terminal cover.

Key Features:

  • Powered by 24V dc
  • 50 event times
  • 4 outputs
  • Manual override
  • LCD readout
  • Switching time between 1 second and 24 hours
  • 35mm DIN rail mountable enclosure


Developed, designed & assembled in Australia.
Since 1976 Redback PA products have been manufactured in Perth, Western Australia by Altronics. With over 40 years experience in the commercial audio industry, we offer consultants, installers and end users reliable products of high build quality with local product support.

Backed by an industry leading 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
Our Redback products have a long tried and tested history of bulletproof reliability. Altronics offers a 10 Year Warranty on all Australian Made Redback products. Our local in-house service department has all the know how to answer technical queries and provide timely service.

Power: 24V DC (via 2.1mm DC jack input)
Outputs: 24V switched outputs (x4), 4 pairs of closing contacts
Max cycle times: 50 stations

Indicators: Auto / Manual / On LEDs, Power LED
Buttons: Menu, up, down, +10, enter
Options: DIP switch selectable (under lower terminal cover)

Dimensions: 90W x 71D x 57H mm
Weight: ≈0.4kg

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