C 1070 • 35W 100V Line Ball Ceiling Speaker

A compact ball speaker designed for suspension ceiling mount. Suitable for both background music (BGM) or speech/paging applications, this model is ideally suited to places of worship, large format retail stores, public transport precincts etc.

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The spherical speaker enclosure and parabolic shaped reflector combine to create an omni-directional loud speaker, allowing 360° horizontal sound dispersion. With an attractive appearance, these loudspeakers are invaluable where it is impractical to install traditional ceiling type speakers. Used in large open areas with very high raked, suspended, concrete, or exposed ceilings. Typically these type of ceilings will be found in places of worship, gymnasiums, train stations, airports, factories, markets, shopping centres etc. Fitted with high efficiency drivers, they are excellent for high ambient noise locations and offer extremely articulate reproduction suitable for both background music and paging applications. Fitted with a high efficiency 100 volt line matching transformer and 22µF line monitoring capacitor.

 Key Features:

  • 35W power output for increased sound dispersion
  • Excellent speech intelligibility
  • High quality speaker driver developed for BGM, paging and emergency warning applications
  • Ideal for large open areas
  • Omni directional design
  • Fitted with supervisory capacitor for line monitoring.


5-year-warrantyBacked by an industry leading 5 Year Speaker Performance Warranty.
This speaker is covered by our 5 Year speaker performance warranty. Redback PA drivers are engineered and manufactured to stringent specifications ensuring maximum reliability under all operating conditions. Each driver has a power rating well above the max tapping of the transformer, ensuring reliable operation and excellent longevity.

Power taps: 7, 15, 35W
SPL 1W @ 1m: 92dB @ 1kHz (+/- 2dB)
SPL full power @ 1m: 107dB @ 1kHz (+/- 2dB)
Frequency response: 80Hz-17kHz
Transformer impedance: 285Ω / 667Ω / 1.43kΩ
Dispersion: 180° vertical, 360° horizontal
Directivity Q factor, 1kHz 2φ
Connection: Multi-way screw terminal block

Driver construction: Paper twin cone
Housing construction: Structural polystyrene
Dimensions: 320 x 380Ømm
Overall weight: 3.95kg

Additional Installation Accessories
C 1075 Flush mounting bracket

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