May 16, 2018

New Product May 2018: S 6150 MP3 Signalling Horn Speaker

We’ve just put the finishing touches on the new Redback S 6150 signalling horn speaker which will be available to order from late May 2018. We’ve managed to squeeze an internal MP3 player into the rear housing of a standard horn speaker. Messages, tones, music or pre-recording information can be loaded onto a Micro SD card which are then triggered when a 24V input signal is applied.

It has a multitude of uses in buildings, facilities and industrial workspaces. An example would be playing a warning or tone when equipment finishes or commences operation to provide a safe work space. It’s also great for access controlled entry ways, lift or site plant equipment signalling. Bell, chime or evacuation notices can also be played.

The tone will play for as long as the 24V DC power is applied to the unit. Volume adjustment is provided on the rear which is sealed with a plastic grommet, ensuring the horns weatherproof casing is not compromised by dust or moisture. Ten tones can be selected from the rear rotary switch, plus an OFF setting, should you need to disable the notifications during maintenance etc. Tones are selected according to file name order on the loaded Micro SD card.

This horn has been based on the C 2053 Redback horn speaker which provides excellent speech intelligibility with up to 114dB max SPL.

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